Tawni Michelle has been in the Cosmetic industry for over 15 years. Starting as a singer and dancer, Tawni began to learn the ins and outs of the fast paced industry. Between performing, she took jobs at  cosmetic companies and began to learn about make up application and color. Soon after, she landed a job at one of the highest cosmetic companies in the industry, Estee' Lauder. She began to move on to other make up companies such as Chanel, Origins, Bare Escentuals, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and MAC Cosmetics. During her time with these companies she went to make up certification courses, Seminars and workshops. She gained knowledge of color, trends and new techniques in make up application. Even though she loved make up, Tawni knew something was missing. Feeling a bit unsatisfied with her work, her Significant other and constant supporter Richard, encouraged her to leave retail make up and try a new way of doing make up. After investing in her and believing in her, she became freelance and started to climb her way up the ladder. She instantly knew what was missing before! She need to be in the big industry. She Started to learn TV/Film make up, Special FX, Fantasy, and editorial make up. The first time she was back stage at a runway event, she knew where she belonged. She needed to come away from the counter and work with designers, photographers, and models! And  that is where you will find here, behind the scenes in the fashion , alternative and entertainment world. She now has built a team of assistants and hairstylist and have worked with celebrities, film crews, celebrity photographers and designers. She has worked for years at  NYFW and had the opportunity to Key several shows.  Her drive is always on full force and she commits to every job she does. There is no job that is too big for her. Tawni has photographers, models, and designers contacting her on a daily basis to have her and her team work with them. She is happy and thriving in her business. Her dream is to branch out even further in connection with a major cosmetic leader.

Everyday Tawni is "Creating Drama all over your face!"


Fallon Fitzpatrick